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Quality products, quality service and quality relationships- With these guiding values, MyCartridgeStore continues to be the partner of choice for customers who expect nothing but the best. Quality has been, and continues to be, the focus of every single activity in the company.

NonProfit Supply Organization was created to help non profit organizations increase their contributions. We offer ordering of office supplies and printing by your contributors at prices averaging 25% - 35% below the major superstores and we return to the non profit organization of their choice donations totaling 50% of the profits on the orders.
Donors can substantially increase their contributions by placing orders thru Online ordering for Custom Printing and Office Supplies is offered through our web site.

Nonprofit Supply Organization has contracted with certain manufacturers and suppliers to ship purchased items directly to the purchasing non-profit organizations. To help reduce overhead and keep our costs at a minimum, all incoming calls are handled by answering devices. Messages are checked throughout the day and responses are made as soon as possible. Therefore, buyers must leave phone messages or send messages through our toll free fax line, E-mail or on our web site. All savings are, of course, passed on to the non-profit charitable organizations taking advantage of our contributory methodology.

We have contracted with suppliers and manufacturers to enable us to offer quality products at the lowest possible prices. We are continuing to expand our product offerings which now include office, computer, printer and copier supplies. We are small and operate vastly with the help of experienced volunteers and expertise contributed by our generous professional benefactors. Our employees and volunteers are capable of answering, or getting answers to your questions.

We accept credit cards for payment and in certain instances will invoice the customer, however, invoicing, collection and the cost of carrying receivables takes up a large part of an organizations' resources and increases the costs immensely. Therefore, invoicing and collection is discouraged and prepayment by credit card or checks is the preferred method.

If you presently are purchasing items from similar sources that offer non-profit subsidies and whom are willing to offer the same to our non-profit associates, please call us and let us know so we may compare their generosity and pass it on to needy charities when possible.